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General Description of the Institution

The College of Polytechnics Jihlava is the only public higher education institution in the Vysočina Region. It offers accredited Bachelor´s study programmes with the standard length of six semesters and follow-up Master´s programmes of four semesters. The study programmes provide a well-balanced combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in accordance with the needs of the regional labour market. The theoretical background allows the graduates to follow on in a subsequent Master´s degree study of similar orientation while obtained practical skills and competences enhance their employability. Students gain practical experience through a work placement (12 - 32 weeks in total, depending on the study programme).

Nearly 2000 full-time and part-time students are enrolled in the programmes at present.

The language of instruction in most programmes is Czech, however, the  Bachelor´s degree programme of Finance and Management taught in English has got an accreditation recently. Some courses are offered in foreign languages (English or German). Exchange students from partner universities coming within the Erasmus+ programme can choose from courses taught in English.

The College of Polytechnics Jihlava provides education as well as applied research, development and innovation services in various fields of study and focuses on meeting the needs of the regional labour market, the needs of companies, corporations and public administration. It is involved in various research projects, holds conferences, both national and international, and it publishes two journals. It is the only college in the Czech Republic that runs its own travel agency with a tour operator.

It offers a wide range of life-long learning courses both for the private and the public sectors. Recently it has developed into a centre of adult education, namely as a provider of Third Age University programmes with nearly 900 participants.

The College of Polytechnics Jihlava is also successful in developing international cooperation through international projects and the Erasmus+ exchange programme. It has 50 partners among higher education institutions in 20 European countries.

It encourages and supports its students to gain international experience through international workshops, study stays and training abroad. 

In 2012 the College became one of the 12 British Council Examination Centres in the Czech Republic and since 2006 it has got an accreditation as an ECDL Testing Centre.

In 2020, a new modern learning center was opened, providing the college with a new auditorium and a virtual factory simulating manufacturing processes. The entire project cost almost 187 million crowns, 90% of which was financed from the grant program of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. It was the largest investment since the foundation of the College of Polytechnics.

In 2021, the College of Polytechnics opened a new master's degree program Applied Technology for Industrial Practice. Since then, it has been possible to obtain an engineering degree directly in the Vysočina Region in both full-time and combined form of study.

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